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What is the Process of Sculptra After It Is Injected Into The Body?


You may have often thought of looking for ways to rejuvenate your skin. Others may be looking to stimulate their collagen production to improve their appearance. While there are many treatments you can try, Sculptra is one of the best. 

It might be the ideal solution for you, especially in helping you treat more of your skin. The process can help you ease those deep creases and folds with improvements. Though you cannot see the results instantly, you will see some changes gradually.  

For your information, we experience a decrease in volume as we age. That means those youthful and fresh vibes will get washed away when the time comes. It is where most weight loss and illnesses go through our system. However, with Sculptra, anything is possible. 

You can leave a full-face rejuvenation by helping you restore your skin’s underlying structure. This part can help you experience more natural results over time. Let’s dig deep into what Sculptra is all about and what it can do more with your body.

Further than that, let’s try to discover how effective this injectable is after getting inside your body. See more details and information below. 

Brief Things To Know About Sculptra

Sculptra has been a dermal filler in the market since the ’90s. FDA first approved its use in 2004 to treat Lipoatrophy in people with HIV. For those who have no idea, Lipoatrophy happens because of facial fat loss resulting in sunken cheeks and deep folds. 

But in 2014, the FDA revealed something new. That’s when the organization approved the use of Sculptra for aesthetic purposes in treating folds and wrinkles in the face. And the result? A more vibrant and glowing appearance for everyone!

Sculptra’s main component is poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA. It is a collagen stimulator that gives natural-looking and long-lasting results. All of these can run up to two years. On the other hand, Sculptra is an effective and safe procedure for everyone to try. 

As long as you are fit to be a candidate, there’s nothing to worry about in the process. And since we mentioned it, it is best for those people with allergies and conditions with irregular scarring. 

What else should you know more about Sculptra itself? Let’s see what happens to your body after your physician injects you with this filler.

How Things Works For Sculptra

Your first consultation with your doctor will help you make the best decision for the treatment. You can discuss things during this phase for a better understanding of Sculptra. Don’t worry because, during this session, your physician will also ask you a lot. 

In that sense, you may need to give your entire medical history to know if you need any assistance. Being honest with your provider will help you be safe while in the procedure. After that, the session will start. So, how does everything go?

Your doctor will map out the sites to inject into your skin. They will first cleanse the area and put an anesthetic cream to help you ease your discomfort. From there, your doctor will inject the Sculptra into your skin with multiple injections. 

Sculptra will eliminate all your facial folds and wrinkles processing within your body upon injection. You will wash all those smile lines and other wrinkle factors. It is safe to say that all your mouth, nose, and chin wrinkles will get cleaned after that. 

Take note that Sculptra has many off-label uses. The following of it is:

  • Correction of cellulite
  • Non-surgical butt lift
  • Correction of chest, elbow, knee wrinkles 

It has also been a popular option for improving their appearance. So, when it comes to gaining those masses, you can use Sculptra. Target the areas on your thighs, glutes, pectorals, triceps, and biceps. Remember that Sculptra is not best to use for lips and eyes. 

Right after the treatment, you can go back to your normal activities. But, make sure to follow your doctor’s advice for any added instructions. 

Expectation After The Treatment

So now that the filler is flowing through your skin, what’s next? As mentioned, people would generally return to their usual activities. But expect to have some bruising, swelling, and other effects of Sculptra. 

Don’t worry, as factors like this will subside after a few days. You can do the following steps to help you speed your recovery. The first is to apply a cold pack to the targeted area, which gives you discomfort. Do this for 24 hours. 

Then, ensure to avoid any sunlight or tanning bed for the meantime. This tip will help you ease more causes of having redness and swelling. All results will be gradual and will take you about weeks before seeing their full effects. 

Finding The Right Provider

Like any other treatment, you have to choose the best provider for your Sculptra treatment. If there’s one thing that you need to ensure, you have trustworthy physicians. It’s not only having a good service for this treatment, but also the people that you will trust.

Sculptra must get administered by someone who is a trained healthcare practitioner. It will help you reduce the possible risk or complications you may endure during the procedure. When looking for a healthcare provider, ensure that they are a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Choose someone who also contacts you with face-to-face consultations and has a history of successful treatment with the said procedure. Please note that it is not only your appearance that we are taking off but your life in general. 

That’s all we can offer for you today! We hope you’ll be able to provide your best provider. May you achieve your goal and get the best results you ever wanted. If you ever think twice about getting a Sculptra, don’t be. It may be the best time to help and reward yourself for something great. 

Do this as a favor to yourself and a representation of loving yourself even more. No less at all! Good luck and enjoy now!

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