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Sometimes it feels virtually impossible to lose the cellulite in your booty, even if you stick to the most disciplined diet and weight loss regimen. Cellulite is caused by thinning skin in conjunction with thickened fibrous bands under the skin that can cause tension, creating dimples in your buttocks. When you add enlarged fat cells pushing against the skin to the mix, the answer to why cellulite will not go away lies beneath the surface. At Ella Medical Aesthetics, we offer a revolutionary way to treat cellulite: Qwo.

Qwo is the first innovative and FDA-approved solution to treat stubborn cellulite. A non-surgical injectable, Qwo uses enzymes that target structural issues with built-up collagen in fibrous bands under the skin. By redistributing the fat cells and stimulating new collagen growth, the cellulite dimples are reduced and the skin on your buttocks is refined. Another major benefit of Qwo is that there is no downtime, allowing you to return to your regular activities following treatment.

Schedule an appointment with Ella Medical Aesthetics to determine if Qwo is the right treatment for you to make your buttocks dimple-free.


QWO is the first FDA-approved treatment of its kind that reduces the appearance of moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks.

Qwo is strategically injected into your buttocks. The enzymes that make up Qwo are thought to target the structural causes of cellulite under the skin.

You can begin to see results within three weeks after QWO treatment, with continued improvement over time.

A maximum of three treatments are needed, scheduled three weeks apart.

The results from QWO can last up to two years.

You may experience bruising after QWO treatment, but there is no downtime or recovery.

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