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Sculptra: A Complete Guide Before Going For It

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Fine lines and wrinkles develop in our skin as we mature. For most people, it is a stage where other signs of aging usually come in. Though it may be disturbing, one has to know that all of these scenarios are natural and bound to happen in reality. Wrinkles and fine lines develop because of the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin. 

As you know, when people grow old, their bodies can’t produce enough collagen to replenish everything that is lost. Therefore, the skin begins to drop its elasticity and strength over time, causing such matters to happen. While it may seem inevitable, there are possible ways on how you can conquer these problems. 

One of which is through Sculptura treatment. If you haven’t heard what Sculptura can bring, then this post will surely give you all the information that you deserve to know. Scroll down below and start your journey to having Sculptra. 

What is Sculptra

For years, Sculptra has been treating many concerns, especially when it comes to replenishing and rejuvenating the skin. It helps reduce the wrinkles, furrows, and lines that grow around your mouth, cheeks, lips, and other parts of the body. You can also take Sculptra to treat folds and deep creases with gradual improvement. 

Remember that most people experience a decrease in volume as you age. In this phase, one might also lose weight and encounter some illnesses. But, with Sculptra, you can have a full-face rejuvenation by stimulating the skin’s essential structure as you go through natural results over time. 

So, if you’re aiming for a more youthful and fresh look, this kind of treatment is best for you. To understand further, let’s see what you can benefit from Sculptra itself. 

The Benefits of Sculptra

As stated, Sculptra works through restoring the volume in areas of facial fat loss. It is generally synthetic, safe, and biocompatible to use for such processes helping you improve more of your looks. Physicians and medical health experts have been using this injectable for more than 30 years. It has a poly-L-lactic acid substance used for other medical applications.

More with the fact that it revitalizes your skin, there are other relative factors why getting Sculptra may be beneficial on your end. Discover its benefits down here.

Skin Tightening

Sculptra is put on your skin and stimulates collagen production in the targeted area. Your skin texture and tone will improve, whether it’s around the elbows, knees, or abdomen. And, with these areas, you can see the results within three to four months.

Non-Surgical and Minimally-Invasive

This treatment is non-surgical and minimally invasive. So, when it comes to downtime, there is a possibility that there would be none, or everything is minimal. It works best for those who have a full load work schedule, as you can get back from your activities after the treatment.

It’s minimally invasive and non-surgical. Sculptra® is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment — so downtime is minimal. Suppose you have a demanding work or family schedule. In that case, you’ll be able to get back to your regular activities much faster than surgical procedures like a facelift.

Works in the Face

Through Sculptra, the collagen growth in temples, smile lines, and cheeks will increase in volume as it tightens the skin. In this part, you will achieve the best results within three to four months. 

Long-lasting results

Though improvements can be on a gradual basis, Sculptra can last for two years. This point is practically a good thing as compared to other cosmetic injectables. 

More natural-looking outcome

The great thing about Sculptra is that it offers a more subtle and natural look. This probability happens because of the stimulation of the skin’s natural collagen growth process. As a result, an overall lift in your face makes your look younger. Another great thing is that the improvement looks more natural than usual.

How Sculptra Works

The process begins with a small needle used to inject the Sculptra into the deep layer of your skin. Now, the tissue absorbs the PLLA in the dermal layer, which stimulates the body’s collagen production, resulting in strengthening the natural structure of the skin.

Sculptra does its job of working under the skin’s surface, which replaces the lost collagen over time. It further helps to fill the wrinkles and deep folds, which gives out a plumper and smoother skin. After the injection is complete, your physician will massage the treated area. This matter happens to ensure that the drug is spread evenly in the targeted area. 

Some patients would have two to three sessions to achieve the best results. From there, your physician sets an appointment over several months. Thus, your provider might customize the ideal treatment plan for you based on your needs. You can always ask about any concerns to understand what would work best for you. 

Is the Treatment Painful?

A common thought about Sculptra is that it is a painful procedure. But although it is injected deeper into the skin than other injectables, discomfort is minimal. It has a lidocaine substance, a local anesthetic, which makes the injection less painful. It simply works by blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings in the skin. 

Some side effects would let you experience swelling for the first twenty-four hours, but this will usually fade away, and you can treat it with a cold pack. However, it would be best if you avoided too much sunlight exposure until the swelling subsides. Your physician might often recommend massaging the treated area continuously for up to five days after the procedure. 

Final Thoughts

Sculptra is one of those treatments that can help you achieve the best results for your skin. It is worth noting that it is a safe procedure and minimally invasive treatment, providing comfort while you’re in the process. Generally, it has a lot of benefits to offer more than its purpose of replenishing collagen production. 

If you think of having one, don’t think twice to set an appointment with your doctor or trusted healthcare provider and go through Sculptra. After all, you deserve the best self-care treatment for your skin!

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