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How long is the MicroPen procedure?

As the need for practical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures grows, searches for effective solutions to meet that demand. Frequently, patients request treatments to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, lighten unusual pigmentation, soften textural problems, reduce rhytides, and enhance skin laxity, among other things. Because of this quest for younger-looking skin, several other cosmetic procedures have been developed, each with a distinct level of invasiveness and efficacy, including carbon dioxide laser treatment, deep exfoliation, and fractionated laser technologies. The majority of the time, these method works by damaging or causing the damage of the epidermis, which results in changes in the dermis that, in turn, trigger an inflammatory response, which results in the generation of new collagen and skin. On the other hand, such invasive procedures have a price tag attached. The scar collagen produced by ablative procedures is typically thicker and more clumped together than the lattice collagen network in normal skin. Additional risks associated with ablative procedures include increased skin sensitivity to photodamage and increased susceptibility to post-procedural problems.


Fortunately, micro-needling, also known as percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), is a mildly invasive technique that was first outlined as a principle by Orentreich. It involves performing subcutaneous subcision surgery beneath retracted scars and wrinkles to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin. Modern automated micro-needling devices have gradually supplanted the dermal roller in cosmetic procedures. Instead of using a single-use needle cylinder, sterile needle cartridges with a variety of alternative needle designs are typically used in place of it. Rather than depending on the operator to manually roll the device over the skin, automated systems allow the operator to determine the absorption and regularity of needle penetration and manage the treatment area and coverage without the need for manual intervention.


MicroPen, also known as the Automated Micro-Needling technique, is a novel technology developed by Eclipse and is used in cosmetic procedures to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and acne scars and enhance the overall attractiveness of the skin’s quality. 

What Is the Process of MicroPen Treatment?

The MicroPen is a device that generates micro-channels in the skin that can be filled with topical gels, moisturizers, and face creams to improve the appearance of the skin significantly. It is the most modern medical automation needling equipment available on the market today.

The Advantages of Using a Micropen

  • Positive effect on hyperpigmentation on all skin types
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced on an overall basis.
  • Skin that seems younger-looking and has fewer symptoms of aging 
  • Stretch marks are less noticeable
  • Increases the overall natural radiance of the skin.

What is the length of downtime following treatment?

You will observe vivid red color on the affected area immediately following the treatment. Healing duration is usually 2-4 days following the treatment; however, it can be as short as 24 hours in some instances. Some skincare products, such as those offered by skincare providers, can aid in the speeding up of the healing process. Throughout this time, you can also use makeup to conceal the appearance of redness.

How Many Treatments Does a Patient Need to Receive?

According to some patients, a single treatment per year is sufficient to get excellent outcomes.

However, it is suggested that patients undergo two to three treatments spaced around six to eight weeks apart to treat hyperpigmentation effectively. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, individuals with deep wrinkles, severe photoaging, stretch marks, or acne scars should have six to eight sessions spaced out over six weeks.

What to Expect During Treatment

A faint sandpaper-like sensation is felt as the MicroPen therapy is rubbed across the skin. The speed of the moving needle tip will lessen discomfort in some regions, and the moisturizing gel will make the procedure more comfortable in others.

How Do I Know If I Am a Good Candidate for MicroPen EVO Treatment?

MicroPen EVO is a safe and effective treatment option for people with all skin types who are dealing with various skin health issues, including acne.

Using modern microneedling technology, it is possible to correct a wide range of imperfections in the skin’s appearance while also promoting the appearance and sensation of the skin that is more youthful and vibrant. For a long time, the only non-surgical choices for achieving significant results entailed undergoing sophisticated laser therapies over a protracted time. This was before micro-needling, and other conservative cosmetic dermatology methods became widespread.

These laser therapies were not always practical for all skin types, necessitated multiple consultations to get the desired outcomes, and were sometimes painful. Additionally, laser treatments can create pigmentation alterations, making them a less-than-ideal alternative for persons with darker skin tones, as previously stated.

Microneedling is now available to dermatologists, allowing them to give successful treatment for patients with virtually any skin tone or type. A single treatment with the MicroPen EVO device may address a wide range of skin issues on the face, neck, decolletage, hands, feet, arms, and legs. The MicroPen EVO device offers an innovative, automated micro-needling technique that improves skin health and looks.

How does MicroPen EVO improve skin?

The MicroPen EVO technique is effortless. It takes about a minute. The dermatologist uses the MicroPen EVO instrument to inflict micro-injuries on the skin in the treated area. As the body goes to work mending the skin, collagen production increases, dead skin cells are eliminated, and healthy skin is revealed as the healing process progresses. 

You may anticipate a speedy and comfortable procedure during your treatment. Your dermatologist will administer a saline solution to the affected area to cleanse it.

The MicroPen EVO gadget is then positioned on one side of the treatment region, and softly gliding throughout the entire treatment area is performed. 

Most people report that the procedure is relatively painless and that it feels like they are having a piece of sandpaper swept across their skin. The complete microneedling treatment lasts only fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on the individual.

While most people see a considerable change in their skin following their first treatment appointment, dermatologists will typically recommend a series of MicroPen EVO sessions to achieve the best possible result for their patients. If your dermatologist recommends a procedure, they will likely devise a preliminary treatment regimen during your consultation visit, which can be modified as needed based on your skin’s reaction to the process.

Since some patients may require more sessions than others, Ella Medical Aesthetics may build a personalized treatment plan suited to your skincare needs for you. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.

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